Our Core

Our Core

Our Motivation

At IGD, we believe that, over time, the quality of life, living standards and livelihoods in rural communities can be same with what is obtainable in the urban areas, if specific steps are taken. We are motivated to take those steps. While ready to work with government, we are not going to wait for government. IGD is poised to lead the way, with support from individuals and organizations, both local and international, that share our passion and our vision.

We believe that, with our input in bettering social, natural, human, physical, and financial assets; taking care of shocks, seasonalities and other harmful trends; improving capacities in entrepreneurship skills and enterprise development; and rightly activating the potentials of women, the youth, people living with disabilities; livelihoods and living standards in the rural communities will definitely improve.

In the picture below, the onlooker rural children can, with our collective help, be like the well-dressed child sitting in his pram, sucking away his meal from his feeding bottle.

Source: Unknown – circulated in WhatsApp – January 2022

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Alignment with the sustainable Development Goals(SDGS)